District Location: Central (off-trail)
Waterway: Tims River
Distance: 3.7 miles to upper section (one way)
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Directions: access via the parking area at mile 42.6 along Skyline Drive. Take the Whiteoak Canyon Trail to just below the lower Whiteoak falls (#6) where you’ll come to a stream crossing. The stream is Tims River, which meets up with Whiteoak Run here to form the Robinson River. Navigate to the left of the stream, and follow it for about a 1/8 mile to locate the base of this waterfall. The right side navigation will make the terrain climbing much more difficult once you near the middle section.

The main waterfall at the top section is tucked away from sight behind a huge boulder. It is best to access it from an area closest to the woods rather than climb up the wet rocks.

The entire water flow from the top to bottom is lengthy and has multiple cascades that tumble downwards to its base (see video below). It requires a bird’s eye view to see it in its entirety due to the vertical slant and the overgrowth of small trees and plant vegetation.

Tims River is a 1.8 mile long tributary of the Robinson River in Whiteoak Canyon, formerly ill-named as Negro Run. In 2015 the process began to officially change the racist name of the stream. Representatives of the Madison County Historical Society and Shenandoah National Park, along with the help of archaeologist Carol Nashmet, met to discuss the issue. Tims River was the oldest name of the stream found in an 18th century deed and they all agreed that returning to the historic name was most appropriate. The name was approved by the Board of Geographic Names on February 9, 2017.

Tims River Falls (top section)

Left side of the middle-tier

Right side of the middle-tier

View from the bottom tier