District Location: North
Waterway: Overall Run, 5 total waterfalls
Distance: 3.3 miles to the #5 main falls (one way)
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Directions: access via the parking area at mile 21.1 along Skyline Drive, just south of Hogback Overlook. Take the AT (Appalachian Trail) south from the parking area. In about 1/3 mile turn right onto the Tuscarora/ Overall Run Trail and continue downwards. Stay on the Tuscarora/Overall Run Trail for the duration of the hike. The Mathews Arm Trail will intersect from your left, which is another route used by hikers coming from the Mathews Arm Campground.

In about 2.5 miles the first waterfall you’ll come to is the smallest of the 5 falls, called Twin Falls (see first photo below). It’ll be to your left; just off the trail so you’ll have no problem seeing it from the trail.

All other waterfalls along this trail will also be to your left as you hike downwards. The #2, #3 and #4 waterfalls all are a short distance off-trail. You should be able to easily locate them either by sight or by listening for the sound of rushing water.

The main waterfall (#5), which is the tallest in the park at 93 feet, can be viewed at several natural outcrop points located along the trail. These points allow one to look down into the canyon at the waterfall flowing over a large cliff. You can also opt to trek to its base by going a little further down the trail. Once the stream is in sight (to your left), go off the trail and navigate upstream to the base.

Overall Run Falls #1

Overall Run Falls #2

Overall Run Falls #3

Overall Run Falls #4

Overall Run Falls #5


The 5 Waterfalls along Overall Run

Main Overall Run Falls From Its Base