District Location: Central (off-trail)
Waterway: East Branch Naked Creek
Distance: 8/10 mile (one way) to Upper Falls
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Directions: access via the Naked Creek Overlook at mile 53.2 along Skyline Drive. Start at the left of the open field, and listen for the running stream. Cautiously work your way down towards the stream, keeping the stream to your far left (it’s very rocky along the stream) as you traverse downhill. There are several waterfalls along the East Branch down to the boundary but to-date I have no green season images of the others.

Upper Naked Creek Falls

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality states the following:

Naked Creek is found to possess exceptional environmental settings and satisfies the criterion of possessing an exceptional aquatic community. East Branch Naked Creek has no trail associated with it. A Skyline Drive overlook is located near the headwaters but cross-country "bushwhacking" is necessary to access the stream. A detailed map of the area is highly recommended. There is no access at the downstream boundary. The terrain of the upper portion near the headwaters is extremely rugged but the environs surrounding the stream are truly exceptional. The stream has, as is the case with most mountainside streams, numerous small waterfalls. A cursory benthic survey was done and stoneflies and caddisflies were observed in the headwaters. Mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and brook trout were observed farther downstream. See Map

A Charming Small Waterfall Along East Branch Naked Creek
Note how the tree appears to be one with the rock