District Location: North
Waterway: Lands Run
Distance: 0.7 (one way)
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Directions: access via the Lands Run Gap parking area at mile 9.2 along Skyline Drive. Follow the fire road downhill until you come to a stream crossing. The top of the falls are just below this crossing. You can follow the stream to either its left or right, about 25 feet both ways, to view the top section of the falls. To view the lower section, the best route is to go to the far right of the stream and carefully work your way down into the narrow gorge.

Top Section


Land Run Falls is a series of cascades that descend a total of about 80 feet in a narrow gorge. There is no one vantage point from which you can see all the cascades at once. A somewhat tough waterfall to photograph, a lot of rock maneuvering to get a good shooting angle, plus lots of trees/tunderbrush all over. A birds eye view is the only way to really see it as a whole.


Lower Section